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Port strike averted

A strike that would have severely impacted export industries was averted on Friday when unions and employers accepted a compromise proposal put forward by the national labour market conciliator.

Laivaa lastataan Rauman satamassa Raumalla 30. tammikuuta.
Image: Juha Sinisalo / Lehtikuva

The Transport Workers' Union AKT and the Finnish Seafarers' Union SMU had threatened to close down five of the nation's sea ports as of next Monday morning. The ports of Oulu, Kokkola, Rauma, Naantali and Turku were to be targeted by union action in a pay dispute.

The two sides Friday initially approved a compromise proposal that will raise wages for workers included in the deal by 1.6% beginning in March, and provide union members with a one-time 210 euro payment. If given final approval, the contract will be in force until the end of February 2021.

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