Posti cuts 180 jobs outright, puts hundreds more on part-time contracts

Postal services provider Posti announced Thursday that it was eliminating 181 jobs, and transitioning nearly 200 to part-time status following the conclusion of redundancy talks. However another 680 positions will be phased out as a result of retirement and other voluntary schemes.

Image: Anna Ruda / Yle

When Posti first began redundancy talks in January it estimated that it would have to drop 860 positions from the payroll. On Thursday the company announced that at most 181 jobs would be cut outright. Another 198 people will also be transferred to part-time work contracts.

It noted however that the head count would be further reduced by 682, as a result of the negotiations. The company said that the number of jobs slated for elimination fell with the introduction of a "New Path" programme that offers support for job retraining, employment search and entrepreneurship. Posti also said that it was able to minimise the job cuts by way of retirement and other voluntary arrangements.

Last year Posti’s revenues declined by 75 million euros compared to the previous year. It said that the number of letters and other deliveries declined by over 100 million pieces in one year.

It blamed the development on digitalisation, as pay slips, invoices, newspapers and even greeting cards are now being delivered electronically.

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