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Posti: Up to 370 newspaper delivery jobs to be cut

National mail service company Posti has announced a new round of employer-employee negotiations about slashing up to 370 jobs. The company says it plans to discontinue early morning newspaper delivery services in yet-to-be-specified parts of Uusimaa.

Postia jaetaan autosta laatikkoon.
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Finland's national mail company Posti has announced it will soon begin cooperation negotiations affecting hundreds of its newspaper delivery workers in the Uusimaa area, a move which could result in the slashing of up to 370 jobs.

Citing a continual drop in newspaper subscription figures, the company said that the per-unit cost of delivering newspapers is on the rise.

Posti will begin the employer-employee negotiations on June 13, affecting some 538 of its early morning delivery staff in Uusimaa.

"The effect on the personnel will be specified as the negotiations progress. According to a preliminary estimate, the reduction need is a maximum of 370 employees," Posti said in a press release on Wednesday.

The company said it will offer laid-off personnel access to a programme which aims to help them find new jobs, get retrained or become entrepreneurs.

Deliveries to continue in bigger cities

Posti said the company would continue to make early morning newspaper deliveries normally until October or November.

After the job cuts are implemented, the company plans to continue early morning deliveries in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa and other unspecified areas of Uusimaa.

"The areas where the delivery change is to be implemented are to be specified in the summer," Posti said.

The company said it is discussing various options with newspaper publishers.

"Publishers will decide on the desired publication delivery service and delivery areas in the summer and in early autumn and shall inform publication subscribers of any changes," Posti said.

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