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Power cuts, flash floods and rail disruption as storm passes over Finland

Eastern Finland has borne the brunt of the storm.

Riikka brought strong gusts of wind to Finland on Sunday, felling trees and cutting power supplies.

A powerful summer storm moved into Finland on Sunday, cutting power to thousands of properties, causing flash floods and disrupting rail services.

At 6pm on Sunday just under 6,000 properties were still without electricity after Storm Riikka felled trees and cut power lines. The worst-affected areas for power cuts were North Savo and North Karelia.

In Kuopio and Savonlinna the storm brought flash flooding, as heavy bursts of rain left streets underwater and cellars inundated.

Riikka's lightning strikes numbered more than 13,000, causing plenty of work for the emergency services in Savo and North Karelia in particular.

Rail services were disrupted between Joensuu, Parikkala, Kesälahti and Nurmes. Rail replacement buses were in operation.

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