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Presidential candidate Vanhanen pulls out of debate after suffering heart problem

The Centre Party's candidate in the presidential election Matti Vanhanen has pulled out of a debate scheduled for Monday evening after he was admitted to hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

Matti Vanhanen
Centre Party presidential election candidate Matti Vanhanen. Image: Jarno Kuusinen / AOP

Helsinki University's presidential election debate is one candidate short on Monday, after the Centre Party candidate Matti Vanhanen was admitted to hospital with an irregular heartbeat.

Vanhanen announced the illness on his Facebook profile, saying that he sought medical care on Friday and has been in hospital since then. He added that care will continue at least in the coming days, and apologised that he could not participate in the Helsinki University debate.

Vanhanen is the former leader of the Centre Party and served as Prime Minister from 2003 until he stepped down in 2010 following a campaign funding scandal.

The news of Vanhanen's withdrawal was first reported by Suomenmaa.

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