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Presidential Election Goes to Round Two

This year's presidential election will proceed to a second round. Social Democratic Party Candidate Tarja Halonen (46.3%) and National Coalition Party Candidate Sauli Niinistö (24.1%) will face off in the run-off.

Centre Party Candidate Matti Vanhanen came in third with 18.6 percent of the vote. Next in line were Green League Candidate Heidi Hautala (3.5%), True Finns Candidate Timo Soini (3.4%), Christian Democrat Candidate Bjarne Kallis (2.0%), Swedish People's Party Candidate Henrik Lax (1.6%), and Independent Candidate Arto Lahti (0.4%).

Halonen garnered the majority of the advanced votes with 49.6 percent. She was followed by Sauli Niinistö (22.1%) and Matti Vanhanen (19.7%).


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