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Prison guard suspected of stealing inmates' money

Prosecutors claim a prison guard in Pirkanmaa took money from convicts.

Kylmäkosken vankilan raja-aita.
Image: Miikka Varila / Yle

Police suspect a guard at Kylmäkoski prison, south of Tampere, of stealing nearly 20,000 euros from inmates.

The guard is suspected of taking money that inmates were carrying when arriving at the prison as well as cash their family members brought them during visits.

Inmates are not allowed to carry cash in prison. The suspected theft occurred at some point in the process of the prison logging cash into its register and transferring corresponding amounts onto prepaid debit cards, which prisoners use in canteens.

Prison director Harri Rämö told Yle that the guard in question has been suspended from duty since November last year when legal proceedings began. Both the prison director and prosecutor have been tight-lipped on details regarding the case, which is expected to come before Pirkanmaa District Court this spring.

Kylmäkoski has changed its practices regarding inmates' money since the case came to light.

Daily Helsingin Sanomat was the first to report the news.

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