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Private healthcare provider Pihlajalinna to cut up to 380 jobs

Close to 2,400 employees will be involved in co-determination talks.

Image: Ismo Pekkarinen / AOP

Private social- and healthcare provider Pihlajalinna announced on Monday that it will start co-determination talks affecting 2,400 employees in an effort to save 14 million euros annually.

Headquartered in Tampere, Pihlajalinna is one of Finland’s leading private social- and healthcare providers. The company has recently expanded rapidly -- at the end of 2018, Pihlajalinna had 5,850 employees, which was 1,000 more employees than the previous year when it employed 4,753 people.

Pihlajalinna's turnover last year was nearly 500 million euros, a 15 percent increase over the previous year, 2017.

Pihlajalinna Group CEO Joni Aaltonen said in a company press release that co-determination talks are needed in order to streamline operations and reduce costs.

"We must be able to grow as a company and strengthen a corporate culture that supports that, while working with agility and the ability to anticipate changes in the industry," said Aaltonen in the press release.

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