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Probe begins into plane landing with broken tyre in Helsinki

A domestic passenger airplane arrived at the Helsinki Airport with a malfunction on Saturday.

Finnair Aibus A319
The Safety Investigation Authority is working to understand why one of the tyres of an Airbus A319 was damaged. Image: Martti Kainulainen / Lehtikuva

The Safety Investigation Authority has begun a preliminary investigation into an airplane that landed at the Helsinki Airport on Saturday with a faulty tyre.

The Airbus A319 flight from the western city of Vaasa to Helsinki landed on the runway on Saturday morning, carrying 86 passengers including the crew. No one was injured during the landing.

The airplane was towed to a maintenance ramp, where the passengers disembarked, said information chief Sakari Lauriala from national carrier Finnair.

"The outermost wheel of the main left-hand side landing gear was completely destroyed once we landed," he said. "Current information suggests that it was damaged during take-off. The point at which the tyre was damaged in Vaasa is still under investigation."

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