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Prosecutor probes blue-on-blue shooting at Hämeenlinna police station

A policeman was shot by an instructor during a late-night training session in a police station hallway in southern Finland last spring. The officer whose gun went off says it was an accident. He has admitted to one charge but denies causing aggravated bodily harm.

Hämeenlinnan poliisitalo.
Hämeenlinna police station, known as Miekkalinna, lies about 100 km north of Helsinki. Image: Ville Välimäki / Yle

Police have completed a preliminary investigation into an apparently accidental shooting at a police station that left one officer injured. The case has been handed over for consideration of charges.

A senior constable fired his weapon during a practice session at the Hämeenlinna police station in the early hours of March 12, 2017. The officer is suspected of negligent violation of official duties and aggravated bodily harm.

Late-night training in corridor

The constable was serving as an instructor during a practice session at around 1 am when he discharged his weapon in a corridor at the police station, known as Miekkalinna. The bullet struck another policeman taking part in the session, injuring him in the arm.

"This was a practice session related to the use of force, in which four police officers were taking part. This was not a shooting practice. There was no intention to fire the gun, but they had their own service weapons with them during the session," District Prosecutor Tarmo Tanner of the East Uusimaa Prosecutor’s Office told Yle last spring. He said that no-one else was present besides the four officers.

The suspect has admitted to negligent violation of official duties, but denies the charge of aggravated bodily harm.

District Prosecutor Mirva Hilander of the Salpausselkä Prosecutor’s Office is weighing charges in the case.

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