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Prosecutor seeks 7.5-year prison term for smuggling cocaine into Finland inside body

Prosecutors says that more than two kilos of cocaine were smuggled internally into Finland from the Netherlands in just over a year.

Turun oikeustalon julkisivu.
Proceedings began in the District Court of Southwest Finland in Turku on Tuesday (file photo). Image: Kalle Mäkelä / Yle

A prosecutor is demanding 7.5 years imprisonment for aggravated drug offenses for the main perpetrator of a major cocaine smuggling case. The man has been in custody since last July.

Proceedings began in the District Court of Southwest Finland in Turku on Tuesday.

According to the prosecutor, a Dutch man and several accomplices brought cocaine into Finland inside their bodies several times between June 2019 and July 2020, for a total of 2,100 grams.

In Finland, cocaine was sold through Finnish dealers in the Turku and Helsinki areas.

Quarter million in profit

Authorities estimate that the smugglers made a profit of some 225,000-250,000 euros.

There are a dozen suspects in the case. The prosecutor is seeking prison sentences for them ranging from 10 months to 7.5 years.

Police caught wind of the smuggling organisation early last summer. Based on police data, the Border Guard profiled two Dutch men as potential drug mules.

During the preliminary investigation, police uncovered four previous drug importing incidents in 2019 and 2020.

Four people have been held in pre-trial detention, three of them Dutch men in their early 20s. Five other people have also been detained, but several others apparently remain at large.

Police have seized about 35,000 euros in cash, 400 grams of cocaine, a small amount of amphetamines and other drugs including dozens of pills.

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