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Pyynikin Brewing to reduce Tampere production

The craft beer brewer is expanding to Estonia following the purchase of the country's third-largest brewer.

Kari Lappalainen hymyilee Pyynikin Brewing Companyn hallissa.
Pyynikin Brewing Company CEO Kari Lappalainen said the company would continue to produce some products in Finland. Image: Mari Vesanummi / Yle

Tampere-based Pyynikin Brewing Company will scale back beer production in Finland, the company has announced.

The news comes after Pyynikin announced its acquisition of a brewing facility in Haljala, Estonia, from Danish beer maker Harboe's Brewery.

"In Tampere we will produce things like special editions and develop new products," said Pyynikin CEO Kari Lappalainen.

According to Lappalainen, Pyynikin's production in Tampere will reduce by around half, to roughly one million litres next year.

The company said it did not have any information on what the effect on its employees in Tampere could be, although production is expected to return to around two million litres a year by 2025.

Pyynikin said the move was prompted in part by production capacity constraints at its facility in Tampere.

"We tried to find a partner and production-ready capacity in Finland, but we could not find one. After that, we were forced to turn our gaze abroad" said the company's founder Tuomas Pere in a statement.

The company's new brewery in Estonia has a total annual production capacity of 30 million litres, including beer, juices and soft drinks.

The lease on Pyynikin Brewing Company's current brewery in the Rahola area of Tampere, which is due to expire in 2023 at the latest, was also a factor in the decision.

According to Lappalainen, however, this does not mean that the entire brewery will move to Estonia. Negotiations on new premises in Tampere are under way, the company said.

"The intention is that the head office and production will remain in Tampere," Lappalainen said.

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