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Racist Crimes Continue to Increase

Racist crimes continue to increase in Finland. More than 700 racially-motivated crimes were reported to police last year. This may be just the tip of the iceberg, as experts say the vast majority of race crimes go unreported.

Racist crimes increased over the previous year, in which 699 crimes were reported. In earlier years, the number was fewer than 600.

Violent attacks or attempted assault has become the most common form of racist crime, accounting for over half of reported cases. Slander, threats, and vandalism are also on the rise.

Typically, racially motivated crimes occur at night, at bars and clubs. Most of the victims are actually Finnish citizens. Foreigners who come under threat are usually from Turkey, Somalia, or Iran. Three-fourths of victims are men.

The study, conducted by the Police College of Finland, considered racist crimes to be any illegal act which was at least partially motivated by the victim's ethnic background.


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