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Radio Reaches Nearly Everyone Daily

The latest national radio audience measurement shows that last year Finns listened to the radio on average 3 hours and 14 minutes a day. The most listened to channel in the country was YLE's Radio Suomi.

The radio audience measurement is carried out annually by Finnpanel, an organization specialized in panel research focusing on television and radio audience measurement.

It found that in 2006 radio reached nearly every Finn. Altogether, 79% of the population listens daily, and the weekly figure was found to be 96%.

The most listened to radio channel was YLE's Radio Suomi, a mix of adult contemporary, talk, news and regional services. It gained 36% of listening time and on average reached over two million people a week.

Among commercial radio operations, the number one spot was held by Radio Nova with a 12% market share and weekly audience of 1.6 million.

The most popular youth-oriented channel was YleX with an average weekly listenership of 950 000.


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