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Rain on the way as Finnish summer takes a turn

Finland has basked in warm sunny conditions for the last few days, but Tuesday is set to see a band of rain move in.

Rainfall monitors are to be tested on Tuesday. Image: AOP

A weather front brings heavy rain to Finland on Tuesday, ending a spell of pleasant summer weather in the middle of the holiday season. The showers arrive on the south-west and western coasts, before spreading eastwards accompanied by thunder.

The heavy showers will be localised, and in urban areas could cause localised flooding.

"The amount of rainfall will vary from ten to thirty millimetres," said Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela. "There's a lot of local variation."

The rainfall is set to continue through the week, with the worst of it centred on the east and north of the country, but temperatures will also be high—above 20 degrees in sunny parts of the west.

You can find Finnish weather information in English at the Meteorological Institute website.

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