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Rain, sleet and snow make road conditions extremely dangerous

A strong low pressure front moving in from the west will make traffic routes very hazardous late Sunday and all day Monday in many areas.  

Motorists throughout Finland are advised to prepare for poor driving conditions, due to a new front of precipitation moving in from the west.

Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen says a very strong low pressure front is currently moving over Scandinavia, making its way to Finland. He predicts the storm will hit the west coast already Sunday afternoon.

"In the evening, the front will spread thorughout the south and west, and road conditions will become either dangerous or very dangerous," he says.

The precipitation will fall in the south as rain or sleet, and father north as sleet or snow. Northern Finland will see the most accumulation.

"Central Lapland may see very poor road conditions over the next 24 hours," Huutonen says.

Clearer skies but colder starting Wednesday

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a warning for dangerous road conditions already Sunday evening in the southwest, while tomorrow the traffic warning will expand to everywhere but the far north.

Temperatures on Sunday and Monday will stay above zero degrees Celsius in most areas, with below-zero temperatures and sunny skies forecast for Northern Lapland.

High winds are also expected at sea, where gusts might approach 15 metres per second in the eastern parts of the Gulf of Finland.

Things are predicted to clear up a bit on Tuesday, with only scattered showers forecast for select areas. On Wednesday, the skies will finally clear up as temperatures drop once again.

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