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Ranua's polar bear cub meets the world

A polar bear cub born this winter at the Ranua Wildlife Park in Finnish Lapland was allowed out of the nursery for the first time with its mother at noon on Wednesday. Yle's video streaming platform Areena is providing a live stream of its first contact with the outside world beginning at 11:50 AM local time.

The cub was one of a litter of two born to mother Venus on November 25th. However, one of the siblings died just ten days after birth.

The surviving cub now weighs an estimated 7kg and is described as healthy and lively.

The cub is only the second polar bear cub born at the Ranua Zoo to survive. The first, Ranzo, was born in 2011, however he was relocated to a zoo in the Austrian capital Vienna, in 2014. Before being relocated Ranzo was credited with boosting annual visitors to the zoo from just under 100,000 to over 153,000.

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