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Real identity of Turku knife attack main suspect confirmed

The suspected attacker is a man born in 1994. The Moroccan national had given authorities a false name and age.

Turun puukottajaa kuulustellaan videoyhteyden välityksellä vangitsemisoikeudenkäynnissä.
The knife attacker was interrogated via video. Image: Eino Kossila / Yle

The true identity of the main suspect of the deadly knife attack in Turku has been confirmed.

The man suspected of murder with terrorist intent and attempted murder with terrorist intent was born in 1994. Police are withholding his real name for the time being.

Initially the suspect, a Moroccan national, gave authorities false personal details, claiming his name was Abderrahman Mechkah and that he was born in 1998. The National Bureau of Investigation says it revealed the suspect's identity through international police cooperation.

The suspect has been interrogated by police and is willing to communicate with investigators.

Police have not disclosed any more information of the investigation at this point.

The knife attack in Turku killed two and wounded eight. Three of Mechkah's associates were also remanded into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of the same two counts of murder with terrorist intent and eight counts of attempted murder with terrorist intent.

Police have received several eyewitness accounts, photos and videos of the attack, and ask anyone with any further information to send materials through WhatsApp to +358 46 5342316.

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