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Reception centre closings force new round of Finnish Red Cross job cuts

The Finnish Red Cross has announced it plans to cut some 300 jobs and is beginning employer-employee negotiations, the newspaper Keskisuomalainen reports. This is the second round of job cuts this spring at the organisation.

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Finnish Red Cross worker at the Tornio-Haparanda tourist office, which the organisation utilised during the arrival of asylum seekers over the Swedish border, in September 2015. File photo. Image: Riikka Rautiainen / Yle

The Finnish Red Cross says it is reducing staff by about 300 due to the planned closing of 20 asylum seeker reception centres around the country, according to newspaper Keskisuomalainen.

Recently the Finnish Immigration Service announced that it would reduce the number of accommodation spaces at the centres by about 6,000.

Earlier this spring the organisation slashed some 300 jobs for similar reasons.

This round of negotiations affects all of the organisation's districts except for Oulu, where reception centres will continue operating at current levels of service.

The Finnish Red Cross currently employs some 1,300 workers.

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