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Record August heat in Finnish Lapland

Daytime temperatures crept past 25 degrees Celsius in Lapland on Wednesday -- a first this late in the month.

Maisemakuva Muoniosta
It was unusually warm in western Lapland on Wednesday afternoon. Image: AOP

The Finnish Meteorological Institute FMI said that temperatures in Lapland have never before exceeded 25 degrees Celsius after 27 August.

However on Wednesday afternoon the mercury inched past the 25-degree-mark – known as the "heat threshold" in usually cool Finland – to reach 25.3 degrees in Kittilä and Muonio.

The FMI posted a tweet showing daytime highs recorded in different parts of Lapland on Wednesday, simply hashtagging the post "helle" or "heat" in English.

Yle meteorologist Kerttu Ketakorpi said that warm air currents will continue to waft over Lapland on Thursday. However she noted that it is not possible to same if the 25-degree weather will persist.

Meanwhile the FMI predicted continuing sunshine and warm conditions for Thursday. However a system of scattered showers with occasional thunder is expected to move in from the west on Friday.

Skies are forecasted to clear heading into the weekend, according to FMI.

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