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Record heatwave retreating next week

Finland’s sizzling temperatures will drop down to around 20 degrees Celsius next week.

lapset Roope ja Emma vesipuiston altaassa, äiti Annastiina Rokka istuu altaan reunalla.
The mercury climbed up to 28.8 degrees Celsius in Kouvola on Wednesday. Image: Pyry Sarkiola / Yle

Many parts of Finland have seen a nearly one-month stretch of unusually warm weather, but that is set to change next week.

The mercury climbed up to 28.8 degrees Celsius in Kouvola on Wednesday, making it the 27th consecutive day that thermometers surpassed Finland's elusive 25-degree-Celsius heat threshold in the southeastern city. Yle meteorologist Matti Huutonen said Kouvola's 27-day streak is the longest stretch of hot weather recorded anywhere in the country since 1961.

Huutonen also said he believed it was likely that the ongoing heatwave would surpass the 30-day mark, with Kouvola likely seeing temperatures in excess of 25 degrees through Sunday.

This summer's temperature record of 33.6 degrees may also be beaten, according to Huutonen.

"Maybe not today, but tomorrow we will knock 33 or 34 degrees," he said.

There is, however, some way to go until the all-time heat record of 37.2 degrees is beaten. That blistering figure was recorded in 2010 in the North Karelian municipality of Liperi.

Finland's record-breaking heatwave stems from a high pressure area parked over Russia. This in itself is not uncommon, but this summer the high pressure front has been more persistent than usual.

"At the same time, the wind's direction has been favorable for warm air masses. The high pressure front has formed earlier in the summer than usual," Huutonen explained.

20C next week

An end to the sweltering weather is, however, on the horizon.

"Thursday will be the hottest day," Huutonen said.

Changes in wind patterns are set to cool temperatures in Finland. The shift is expected to take place during the beginning of next week.

"Then the forecasts will no longer include readings of 30 degrees, but will be closer to 20 degrees."

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