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Red Nose Day - using comedy for charity

Friday is Red Nose Day in Finland, a fundraising campaign for charity. This year’s campaign funds will be directed to disadvantaged children in Africa, South Asia and South and Central America. The day will culminate in a live show Friday evening on Yle’s TV2, featuring Finland’s biggest names in entertainment.

Nenäpäivän hyvän tekijät
Finland's big-name entertainers gather to raise money for a good cause Friday evening. Image: Jyrki Valkama / Yle

Finland has celebrated Red Nose Day since 2007, mimicking the original Comic Relief event that began in the UK in 1988. Inspired by the success of LiveAid in 1985, the original concept was to recruit comedians and entertainers to raise money for important causes, in the same way that Bob Geldof’s creation used front-name bands to fundraise for Ethiopia.

Last year’s Red Nose Day in Finland raised just under 3 million euros for a range of good causes, a 700,000 euro improvement over the previous year.

The fundraiser is administered by the national public broadcaster Yle’s Goodness Foundation, which raises money for nine humanitarian organisations.

A five-hour live telecast starring some of Finland’s biggest celebrity names will be broadcast on Yle’s TV2 on Friday evening starting at 7 pm. A number of radio stations also run special broadcasts through the day, and fundraising events are also being held around the country. Like in previous years, the event website will stay open for new donations until the end of the year. Donations can be made online at

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