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Red nose day raises over 2m euros

Finland observed Red Nose Day on Friday, a YLE-sponsored campaign to raise money for projects to assist children in Africa and South Asia.

Improvisaatioteatteri Uniikki Unikorni esiintyi vuoden 2010 Nenäpäivänä Rotuaarilla.
Improteatteri Uniikki Unikornin jäsen punaisine nenineen Nenäpäivänä 2010. Image: YLE

YLE rounded off the theme week on Friday with a five-hour live benefit show on YLE TV Channel 2. The event was also streamed live on YLE Areena. The total sum raised passed the 2 million euro mark, surpassing the previous record of 1.9 million, which was set last year.

This year schools got involved in the event. The Jokela school in Tuusula, which was the site of a school shooting massacre nearly four years ago to the day, is among those participating. Pupils said they want to give back to help others as they received much support after the tragic events at their school.

Red Nose Day was the brainchild of a British charitable foundation set up in 1985, Comic Relief. Its aim is to change the lives of the less fortunate by raising funds through entertainment, specifically comedy.

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