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Red Nose Day Yields over a Million

Friday’s Red Nose Day charity appeal brought in over 1.1 million euros. The charity drive, organised by YLE, collected money for aid projects in Africa, South Asia, and Central America.

Inka Henelius, Anssi Kela ja Kari Väänänen.
Inka Henelius, Anssi Kela ja Kari Väänänen osallistuivat Nenäpäivä-keräykseen. Image: YLE

Aid organisations involved in the event include the Finnish Red Cross, Finn Church Aid and Finnish UNICEF. Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Nepal, Sierra Leone and Honduras are this year's aid recipients. The week of events culminated on Friday with a live benefit show on YLE television.

Red Nose Day was the brainchild of a British charitable foundation set up in 1998, Comic Relief. Its aim is to change the lives of the less fortunate by raising funds through entertainment, specifically comedy.

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