Rejected: Supreme Court says anti-immigrant agitator's arrest warrant remains in force

Finland's Supreme Court has announced that it would not permit Ilja Janitskin - who is the founder of the anti-immigrant website MV Lehti and reportedly living in Russia - to appeal the warrant for his arrest.

Korkein oikeus.
Finland's Supreme Court. File photo. Image: Sasha Silvala / Yle

The Finnish Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will not consider Ilja Janitskin's appeal for his months-old arrest warrant to be dropped.

Janitskin is suspected of ethnic agitation, money collection and gambling offenses, defamation and other crimes - and his arrest warrant which Helsinki District Court issued last autumn - remains in effect, according to a Supreme Court statement issued on Friday.

In October 2016, Helsinki District Court issued a warrant for Janitskin's arrest, and in September a Finnish court issued an EU-wide arrest warrant for the anti-immigrant agitator for dozens of charges, including aggravated slander and copyright infringement.

Janitskin is reportedly not in Finland and believed to be residing in Russia.

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