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Remand Hearing for Suspect in Porvoo Shooting

Police investigating the shooting deaths of three people in Porvoo early Tuesday believe that the 41-year-old suspect acted alone. A younger man and a woman who were in his company are not suspected of any kind of complicity.

Poliisin eristysnauha Näsin McDonald'sin edessä.
Image: YLE

The man and the woman were released on Wednesday after police questioning.

The younger man is nevertheless suspected of a firearms violation; while the three were fleeing the scene, he took possession of the pistol and fired several shots while on the motorway. The purpose was to empty the gun’s clip. The shots did not pose a danger to anyone, but the action does leave him open to charges of trying to protect the actual culprit.

The woman is not suspected of any crime.

Suspect Has “no Recollection” of Shooting

The main suspect, a Porvoo resident with a record of violent crime, has said during interrogation, that he remembers almost nothing of the events. He was paroled just over six months ago after serving 12 years of a life sentence for homicide, and police say that he had apparently been drinking.

Police have requested that he be remanded in custody. A court hearing on the matter is scheduled for Friday morning.

Three Deadly Shots Fired

Police say that only three shots were fired during the shooting, meaning that the victims took one bullet each at close range. Two of the victims were shot while they were sitting in a convertible. The third was hit apparently while trying to escape.

Two other passengers in the convertible, a man and a pregnant woman, managed to escape.

Police later stopped the car carrying the suspect and his two companions on the Porvoo Motorway. In the car they found an unlicensed semiautomatic handgun, which they suspect was the weapon.

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