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Report Reveals Best Work Place in Finland

A report by Occupational Safety and Health inspectors reveals that best working conditions are in information and communications industries, as well as in banks and insurance companies. The office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland emerged out of the comparison as the best work place.

Mies työskentelee toimistossa.
Työsuojelutarkastajien selvityksen mukaan alle kahdenkymmenen henkilön työpaikoissa ollaan kaikkein tyytyväisimpiä. Image: YLE

“As a career choice for children, I would recommend insurance or financial sector or public administration. There were no unsatisfactory workplaces in those work spheres. On average, information and communications industries are the best,” says Professor Heikki Laitinen from 3T Results Ltd, who carried out the research.

Twenty five work places in health and social services made the list of 150 best places to work at, but on the whole they received poor results. Laitinen says this is due mostly to inefficient organisation and flow of work.

The best work places were characterised by several traits: good ergonomics, good working position, proper tools, no lifting of heavy objects, no violence or harassment.

Software companies, shops and even an unemployment office made to the top 30 best work places.

On average, small work places employing fewer than 20 people had the most satisfied employees.

The office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Finland turned out to be the best work place, based on the survey. In 2005, at the time when the survey was conducted, 55 people worked there. According to the Parliamentary Ombudsman Petri Jääskeläisen, employees should not only be heard, but also listened to.

Between the years 2002-2009, over 28,000 workers from 1,500 work places have responded to the survey. The best work places received the mark 4.5 out of possible 1-5, where 5 was best.

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