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Retro colours and squirrels to adorn 2014 baby boxes

The 2014 edition of the newborn starter kit supplied to all new mothers is to take on a fresh and playful look with a colour scheme that picks up orange, yellow and brown highlighted by mint and light green. Finland has distributed the kit for 75 years and it remains highly popular among families.

Kela's 2014 newborn starter kit adopts a playful air with retro colours and patterns and a prancing squirrel. Image: Kela

Mothers expecting family additions this spring can look forward to a new maternity kit from the Finnish Social Insurance Institution Kela. The world famous baby box provides newborns with basic clothing and supplies for their early weeks of life, while the packaging can double as baby’s first cot.

This year, Kela has revamped the colour scheme and incorporated a lighthearted theme suited to infant supplies by adding retro patterns and a prancing squirrel.

While the package has undergone a makeover, its contents essentially remain the same – the only new addition is the reintroduction of a protective bib, a lace version of which was included in the very first maternity kit. Kela has also added more socks and mittens based on customer feedback.

Kela will continue to distribute the previous starter kit that appeared in 2012 – 2013, and which was re-designed two years ago. Once those have finished, mothers of newborns will begin receiving the 2014 package.

The newborn starter kit has been handed out to Finnish families for 75 years and remains highly popular – some 95 percent of first time mothers choose the package over a 140-euro cash grant.

Find out more about the 2014 maternity kit from Kela's website.

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