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Revamped online system puts expanded tax data at users' fingertips

Starting Friday, taxpayers will be able to track all of their data in the tax administration's recently-relaunched online system from the same interface.

Sisäänkirjoitumissivu Verohallinnon OmaVero-sivulle kännykässä.
New tools put a broad range of data at taxpayers' fingertips. Image: Vesa Moilanen / Lehtikuva

As a result of a freshly-concluded update, the Finnish tax administration Vero has given ordinary residents an expanded menu of options for managing their taxes online. The update has seen changes to the online MyTax service and given individuals more control of their tax returns and tax cards.

"It is the first time that individual customers will see the kind of information in the MyTax service that we have not been able to see so far. For example we can now see information about payments on back taxes. Previously if you had lost information about paying your residual income tax, you would have had to visit or contact the tax administration by phone," explained Vero communications coordinator Minna Louhikoski.

According to Louhikoski, taxpayers will also be able to track their annual tax returns in the MyTax service. She noted that it can be used as an archive where information can be supplemented throughout the course of the year. Some deductions can then be updated in the system, virtually in real time.

"You can check your tax returns and it is easier to complete it online. It’s already possible to fill in this year’s tax data, such as information related to tax credits for household expenses, which will then appear in [next year’s] pre-filled income tax return. In other words, you no longer need to “hoard” them on your bookshelf and wait a full year to declare such information," Louhikoski added.

Property and transfer taxes recorded online

Ordinary taxpayers will also no longer need to declare information coming from parties other than Vero in the new service. For example, individuals will no longer need to enter their salary data, thus preventing the use of contradictory filings.

"Of course you should check the information provided by your employer on your tax return and check to be sure that everything is accurate," Louhikoski advised.

In addition to these changes, the tax administration spokesperson said that in the coming years other tax data such as property and transfer taxes will also be recorded in the online service, meaning that eventually individuals will be able to use the online interface for all of their tax business.

She said that the system has been tested in a bid to ensure it is user friendly, adding that she hoped that people would find it easier than before to conduct their tax affairs online.

Flags for missing info

Once users sign into the MyTax service, they will find a notification box offering important information about the user, such as whether or not account or phone numbers are missing.

"If you want the tax office to contact you via telephone, then you should add your number to your user profile. On the other hand, a missing bank account number will mean delays receiving an income tax refund," she noted.

She added that 2019 tax cards will also be recorded in the system, however, individuals will still be able to receive hard copies in the mail if desired.

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