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Rinne: No lobbyists in government talks

The Social Democratic Party leader said the new government will be formed without outside influence.

Antti Rinne
SDP chair Antti Rinne is in charge of forming the next government. Image: Pekka Tynell / Yle

Social Democratic Party chair and government coalition manager Antti Rinne on Friday rebuffed claims that lobby group representatives will have an instrumental role in the creation of the next government.

"The parties have chosen their representatives for the negotiating bodies themselves," Rinne said. "Lobbyists will come along only if invited by a negotiating group."

All parties have recently filled out their negotiation teams, with Greens chair Pekka Haavisto saying his party is including various experts including Helsinki deputy mayor Anni Sinnemäki, a former environment minister and party chair.

"These negotiations are for the parties, not for lobbyists," Haavisto said.

Rinne said the wide-ranging talks are going according to schedule. The groups will continue to plan their goals and methods next week.

The financial aspects of the coalition will be announced at the end of next week, said Rinne, who promised leeway in the first stages of the new government. Talks will go on hiatus over the weekend, starting up again on Monday between the SDP, the Centre Party, the Left Alliance, the Greens and the Swedish People's Party.

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