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Robin: Voice change has not been a problem

Finnish teen pop star Robin Packalén says that a film to be premiered on Saturday accurately reflects his life. He admits, however, that his workload has from time to time made him more tired than usual.

Robin poseeraa Robin -elokuvan mainosjulisteen edessä.
Teen star Robin Packalèn says his voice changing has not slowed him down. Image: Jussi Nukari / Lehtikuva

The 13-year-old singer reassures worried fans that he will continue singing even after his voice changes. The change, which is currently underway, has not caused him difficulties so far.

“Now there haven’t been any problems at all,” said Robin. “I have visited the singing teacher and the key has had to drop lower at gigs during the summer, but that’s quite normal.”

Although the idea of making a film at first somewhat confused him, he says the experience has been ‘really wonderful’. Aimed mainly at his fans, the movie depicts what Robin does in his free time and how his new album was born. He says the final work stays true to his personality and interests.

“I really am quite happy and active,” claims the teenager.

The singing phenomenon has been busy this year: in addition to his big screen debut, there are two records and a book for his legions of screaming fans to enjoy. He says it has been a tough autumn.

“Sometimes it’s a little tiring, but maybe hard work pays off,” smiled the star.

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