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Robots enter classrooms in Tampere

The city of Tampere is piloting the use of talking robots in preschool and early elementary classrooms.

Elias-robotti istuu pöydällä
Elias the language robot speaks Finnish, English and German. Elias will enrich the teaching of 1st and 2nd grade preschoolers in Tampere. Image: Santeri Holappa / Tampereen kaupunki

Talking robots have become the newest addition to classrooms in Tampere preschools for English, German and mathematics lessons. The robots will also be tested with first- and second-year pupils in a few select schools.

All in all, four robots are to be tested out in classrooms. Three will be small owl-like robots to assist in maths lessons, while the fourth will be a small humanoid robot for language practice.

The first mathematics robot arrived in the south-central on Friday and will be tested at the Sorila preschool. The other math robots will be placed at Vahmainen preschool and the Pohjois-Hervanta school. A language robot known as "Elias" will become a feature of Tammela school classrooms.

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Matematiikkarobotti pöydällä.
The mathematics robots bear a resemblance to small owls. Image: Santeri Holappa / Tampereen kaupunki

The mathematical robot is the first of its kind in Finland.

These owl-like robots are produced by the Finnish company AI Robots. They are now being put to the test for the first time in Tampere. The body design of the humanoid robot is French, but the software is designed by a Finnish company, Utelias.

The City of Tampere has acquired the robots to support everyday teaching. The machines will not tire from repetition and they can conform to the skill level of each pupil, say the developers.

The test run in Tampere is aimed at examining children’s experiences and interactions with robots.

“We are, of course, also interested in how these robots could improve the quality of teaching,” says project manager Marika Korpinurmi.

The testing of the robots is part of the Smart Tampere digital programme, an initiative to improve everyday life in Tampere through digital services.

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