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Running out of shelter activity ideas? Slow TV offers snake and bird cams

Last year live streams featuring ospreys and adders racked up nearly three million views.

The live cams offer viewers a chance to see what the animals get up to when they think no one is looking. Image: Ola Jennersten / WWF

The wildlife conservation organisation WWF Finland has launched this spring's nature live streams, just in time for people in quarantine or otherwise sheltering from the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In the past, the popular animal cams opened up the private world of Saimaa ringed seals as they basked in the spring sunlight or ospreys as they nested ahead of the summer.

Last year, a live stream of adders attracted more than half a million views in April alone, while a four-month stream of osprey life gathered 2.4 million views, WWF said.

The NGO said that it hopes the up close and personal view of the adders' daily routines would reduce the fear associated with the reptiles.

Adders can be found throughout Finland and are the only poisonous snake to be found in the country.

The osprey's nest is currently empty, but WWF said that it expects a family to take up residence in the near future.

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