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Russian child ombudsman: Finland engaging in "juvenile terror"

Russia’s children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has called on international human rights organisations to take action against Finland for engaging in child terrorism, reports the Russian news agency Itar-Tass. The official communicated his position via Twitter late Friday evening.

Pavel Astahov
Russian children's rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov says Finnish child welfare authorities have taken 74 children from their Russian families. Image: YLE

In a tweet posted late Friday evening on the micro blogging site Twitter, the Russian children’s rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov called on international human rights organisations to take note of what he called “juvenile terror” practiced in Finland.

According to Itar-Tass Astakhov said that about 74 children had been removed from their Russian families in Finland. He called for investigations into the cases as well as criminal charges to protect the youngsters.

Astakhov also leveled the charges of child terrorism at authorities in Norway, where he said some 55 children had been taken into care from their Russian families.

At the beginning of 2013 the Russian Foreign Ministry intervened to deny allegations by Astakhov that Finnish authorities had taken a pair of Russian six-year old twins into custody. At the time Astakhov had described the case as one of child abduction.

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