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Same-sex marriage proposal needs 100 MPs' support

Moves are afoot to gather support for a private member’s bill to implement gender-neutral marriage in Finland. The legislative proposal needs the support of at least a hundred MPs to be considered by parliament.

Lasse Männistö
Lasse Männistö Image: Jyrki Lyytikkä / YLE

A cross-party working group has begun lobbying legislators on the issue, according to National Coalition MP Lasse Männistö. In addition to Männistö, the group includes Oras Tynkkynen of the Green League, Susanna Huovinen of the Social Democrats, Astrid Thors from the Swedish People’s Party and Silvia Modig of the Left Alliance.

The group’s goal is to gather one hundred MPs’ signatures on a proposal to legalise gender-neutral marriage. Männistö claims they already have unofficial support from many MPs, including party leaders.

Over the summer, the group will take legal advice on formulating a workable proposal. Lobbying efforts will intensify in the autumn, when the group will gather signatures among the parliamentary groups.

Männistö did not comment on which committee the bill might be considered by. The news agency STT reported earlier this week that a majority on the Legal Affairs committee oppose gender-neutral marriage.

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