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School year to end on summery note in southern Finland

Conditions will be partly cloudy but balmy in the south, while Lapland still has ample snow cover.

Kesä Helsingissä ja talvi Lapissa.
Views of Helsinki (left) compared to Lake Inari in Lapland. Image: Kristiina Lehto / Yle & Vesa Toppari / Yle

Schools across Finland will observe the end of the academic year on Saturday, but under very different conditions depending on where they are located.

While residents of southern and western Finland will enjoy sunny warm weather on Saturday, people in the east and north can expect cloudier skies and cooler temperatures, especially up north.

"The weather will clear up somewhat from Friday and on Saturday when school ends the sun will shine in a partly cloudy sky and temperatures will be slightly under 20 degrees Celsius," Yle meteorologist Joonas Koskela said of projected conditions in the Helsinki region.

Temperatures in eastern Finland are expected to reach around 15 degrees Celsius on Saturday. However residents of northern Finland still haven't shaken off their winter fur.

"For example in the Inari region Saturday will be cloudy and around five degrees," Koskela predicted.

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Inarijärvi, Inari, 29.5.2020
Lake Inari in Lapland on Friday 29 May. Image: Vesa Toppari / Yle

Temps to rise next week

A high pressure system in the region is still hovering over Sweden, but it is moving towards Finland and by Sunday, skies will clear.

"Temperatures will rise to 20 degrees in many parts of the country," Koskela said. Daytime highs will remain around 15 degrees longer in the east than elsewhere, but it will also warm up early next week.

"Right from the beginning of the week it will become almost hot in western Lapland," the Yle meteorologist said.

He added that the presence of the high pressure zone could mean that the summery conditions will last for several days.

Lake waters warming up

Meanwhile people planning holiday trips in Finland can look forward to warming lake waters. For example, earlier this week water temperatures in Kyyvesi in Mikkeli, southeast Finland, were cooler than usual for this time of year. But now the water is five degrees warmer.

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Varpaat menossa järveen.
Lake waters are warming fast in southeast Finland. Image: Yle / Rinna Härkönen

Lake water in Savonlinna’s Haukivesi in the east has also warmed up from 10 to 15 degrees Celsius.

Currently the temperature of surface water in lakes in South Savo ranged from 13.5 to 15 degrees during the past week, making it from two to four degrees warmer than usual.

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