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School’s out: Helsinki police issue over 100 child welfare warnings

Police swept out across the capital Helsinki Friday night in an attempt to nip under-age drinking ahead of official end-of-school-year ceremonies Saturday. Officers disposed of about 120 litres of alcohol during the night.

Poliisin käsi nuoren repulla. Reppu selässä.
Image: YLE

Helsinki youths celebrating the approaching end of the school year taxed the resources of police late into Friday night. Police said that they were fully stretched, however the evening passed off relatively peacefully.

Police were on high alert for youngsters using alcohol and other recreational drugs during the night. Officers wrote nearly 100 penalty fines and issued more than 100 notifications to child protection services officials.

Moreover, they confiscated and disposed of 112 litres of mild alcohol and 9 litres of hard liquor.

Police also held a number of adults for serving cigarettes or alcohol to minors.

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