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SDP chair: New gov programme ready on Friday

Antti Rinne, who is leading government formation talks, said he hopes to unveil the new cabinet's agenda on Friday.

Antti Rinne
Antti Rinne Image: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

Social Democratic Party chair Antti Rinne said he expects to finalise the next government's programme on Friday.

Rinne, who has been negotiating with coalition partners since the conclusion of general elections last month, said meetings will convene on Friday at Helsinki's historic House of Estates to iron out final details.

"On Friday we'll address any unresolved issues and make sure everyone is on board with the text, and after that it's all done," Rinne summed up.

The Finance Ministry is poring over the proposed agenda's figures on Thursday to ensure that numbers add up. Political party representatives involved in government formation talks are meanwhile taking a day off on Thursday, a public holiday as Finland observes Ascension Day.

The next government plans to expand permanent expenditures by around 1.2 billion euros annually. Rinne has said the boost in spending will be bankrolled by employment measures, tax elements and reappropriations as well as selling off state ownership.

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