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Security guard 3-day strike to start on Wednesday

Unionised security workers in Finland have been without a collective agreement since the beginning of May. Thousands of them will go on strike on Wednesday.

Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

A strike affecting the security workers' sector in Finland will start on Wednesday, according to PAM, the service workers union representing the security sector.

Palta, the union of service industry employers, and PAM, the service workers union, have been trying to reach agreement on pay issues for months, but the most recent attempt at arbitration on Monday morning with the help of the national conciliator did not lead to a solution.

PAM announced later on Monday that a threatened security workers' action will begin on Wednesday and end on Friday.

According to the union, there are about 8,500 workers in the service workers union sector, who work as security guards, valuable-goods couriers and in other positions.

According to news reports, some shop owners and operators have called in extra non-security staff to ensure things go smoothly during the three-day strike.

The industry’s previous collective bargaining deal ended at the beginning of May. Before that the main dispute between unions and employers had been over pay rises in the sector.

According to national conciliator Vuokko Piekkala, the stances of the negotiating parties are too far apart, meaning that a solution is not possible at this stage.

There are plans for further mediation, but a date has not yet been set.

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