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Service workers’ union issues security guard strike warning

Employer and employee sides broke off talks aimed at settling a collective bargaining agreement for about 8,500 security guards.

Image: Kalle Parkkinen / Lehtikuva

The service workers’ union PAM said Tuesday that it had issued a strike warning for affecting about 8,500 employees in the security guard sector. If the union proceeds with strike action it would begin at midnight on 24 October and continue until midnight on Friday 26 October.

PAM said in a statement that ongoing negotiations over a new collective agreement for the sector ended in a stalemate on Monday. The talks with the employers’ representative Palta had been in progress since the spring and PAM claimed that the discussions had been complicated by Palta’s reluctance to arrive at a solution that would be satisfactory for both sides.

“We have pursued an agreement for the security guard sector that would provide employees with the same level of pay rises that workers in other sectors have already received. We also wanted to adjust imbalances in the pay structure and take into consideration the field’s special requirements. We want to find a resolution that would encourage workers to commit to their job and want to stay in the field. However this was not the case with the employers,” PAM chair Ann Selin said in the statement.

According to Selin, Palta did not genuinely want to agree a salary increase, but instead has clung to a negotiating position that would weaken the status of employees in the sector.

“We cannot accept this. We have therefore abandoned the negotiations and are considering industrial action,” the union head added.

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