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Shooting stars over Finland on Saturday

Venus is lighting up the evening sky this winter, according to Finland's amateur astronomy association Ursa.

meteoriitteja taivaalla
The Quadrantids meteor shower over China last January. Image: AOP

On Saturday, early risers in Finland had the opportunity to view thousands of shooting stars as an annual meteor shower known as Quadrantids reached Earth’s orbit.

Sky watchers in Finland could catch a good glimpse of the meteor shower anywhere with a break in the cloud cover, according to Finland’s Ursa Astronomical Association.

Perseids, the next annually occurring meteor shower, will light up Finnish skies in August, while the Geminids meteor shower will peak in mid-December.

"If you stay outside long enough, you can see shooting stars every night, though they are isolated and not be part of any shower," Anne Liljeström of Ursa told Finnish News Agency STT.

She said Venus is now lighting up the evening sky.

“That bright spot in the sky that many have been seeing is Venus, and it will stay in view all spring,” Liljeström added.

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