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Short Ring IV road planned to help relieve Helsinki region traffic congestion

A proposed fourth orbital road has been discussed since the 1990s.

Kehä I-IV
The Ring roads are known in Finnish as Kehä I, II, III and IV. Image: Riikka Tähtinen / Yle

Plans are moving ahead for a brief Ring IV road in the outermost northern suburbs of the Helsinki area.

The Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centre) has selected the longest of the possible route options, crossing the municipalities of Vantaa and Tuusula.

The planned 10km segment will be longer than the existing 7km part of Ring II in Espoo, but much shorter than Rings I and III, which circle around the entire capital region.

A partial fourth circumferential highway or beltway has been discussed since the 1990s, with various possible routes proposed. Ring II, meanwhile, was planned in the 1960s, but the first section was not completed until 2000.

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Kehä nelonen yhdistää Hämeenlinnanväylän ja Tuusulanväylän toisiinsa.
Ring IV will link national roads 3 (Hämeenlinnanväylä) and 45 (Tuusulanväylä). Image: Samuli Huttunen / Yle

It is intended to relieve congestion on Ring III and to provide a much-needed transverse travel option in the Uusimaa region, officials said on Thursday. It could also be used as a detour route.

According to the ELY Centre, the route was selected to serve Helsinki Airport and the planned Focus business park in Tuusula, just north of the airport.

Ring IV (route 152) will laterally link the Hämeenlinna motorway (national road 3) and the Tuusula motorway (national road 45).

The new road will reshape zoning plans in the municipalities of Vantaa and Tuusula, which are now being revised. An area reservation plan must first be completed, though. Officials hope to have that finished in time to be taken into consideration before Vantaa approves its new general zoning scheme later this year.

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