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Siegfrids hopes for Eurovision success

The Danish pre-contest favourite believes that this could be Scandinavia’s year, while Finnish contestant Krista Siegfrids promises to celebrate whether she wins or not.

Video: Tanskan viisuehdokas Emmelie de Forest.
Tanskan Emmelie De Forest ja Norjan Margaret Berger Yle uutisten Ville Vedenpään haastattelussa kenraaliharjoitusten jälkeen. Video: YLE

Siegfrids was pleased with the dress rehearsal for Saturday evening’s final, and told Yle that she and her backing singers had a good feeling ahead of the final. Her act, which includes a girl-on-girl kiss, has attracted attention from all over the continent.

"Everyone asks about it and I still have the same answer: This is 2013 and I kiss whoever I wanna kiss. Hopefully Europe is ready for that," said the singer.

Bookmakers apparently expect the Nordic countries to do well, with Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest the favourite with her song "Only Teardrops". She told Yle that she believes this is Scandinavia’s year, while Siegfrids is planning a party no matter what.

"It is really fun to be here, and whoever wins, today we celebrate," Siegfrids told Yle.

You can watch the contest live on TV1 and Yle Areena, and discuss the performances at the Yle News Facebook page.

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