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Sipilä admits gov't policy has hurt the poor

Prime Minister Juha Sipilä has admitted that his government's policies have had a disproportionate impact on low-income groups. Sipilä told Yle's A-Studio programme that his administration had made a number of painful decisions. 

Juha Sipilä
Juha Sipilä Image: Yle

The Juha Sipilä government 's brand of austerity has disproportionately affected poorer people, admitted the Prime Minister in an interview with Yle on Wednesday evening. Sipilä said that this was regrettable.

"It's true that this has happened," said Sipilä.

Sipilä said that the government has made painful decisions in an effort to balance the state budget. Even small cuts to benefits have a big impact on those with lower incomes, observed Sipilä.

Inequality next on the agenda

"It's a fact that towards the lower end of the income scale more people live on benefits, as those on bigger incomes don't get them," said Sipilä.

According to Parliament's statistics service, the government's policies have had the most negative effects on those with lower incomes.

"When [economic] growth starts up again, those in work and on good incomes benefit the most," said Sipilä.

The premier said during the interview that the most difficult reforms are now done, and that he now hopes to do something about inequality.

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