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Six on short list for 2013 Finlandia prize

The Finnish Book Foundation has announced the six candidates for this year’s Finlandia prize, the most prestigious Finnish literature award.

Ihmisiä Finlandia-palkintoehdokkaiden julkistustilaisuudessa.
The Finlandia shortlist was announced on 12 November in Helsinki. Image: Yle

The short list for the 2013 Finlandia prize was announced on Tuesday morning. Six authors are in the running for the prize. They are J-P Koskinen’s book Ystäväni Rasputin (My friend Rasputin), Leena Krohn’s Hotel Sapiens, Riikka Pelo’s Jokapäiväinen elämme (Our everyday life), Hannu Raittila’s Terminaali (The Terminal), Asko Sahlberg’s Herodes and Kjell Westö’s Kangastus 38 (Mirage 38).

Three of the candidates have won the award before: Krohn was recognised in 1992, Raittila won it in 2001 and Westö took the prize in 2006.

The short list was selected by journalists Raisa Rauhamaa and Nina Paavolainen and translator Juhani Lindholm. The winner will be picked by Asko Sarkola, director of Helsinki City Theatre, and receive a 30,000 euro cash prize at the prize ceremony on 3 December.

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