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Skanska admits fault in Loviisa school ceiling collapse

Construction firm Skanska has said that it will repair the collapsed ceiling at a school in Loviisa that was built by the company just four years ago.

Harjurinteen koulun uuden osan sisäkattoa on romahtanut alas noin 60 neliön verran.
Image: Ulla Malminen / Yle

A school in southern Finland that saw the ceiling fall in on its cafeteria on Tuesday will be repaired by the building company that erected the structure just four years ago.

The firm, Skanska, said on Tuesday that initial reports suggest that the collapse was caused by mistakes in the building process.

According to Jarkko Koskipalo of Skanska, the firm has already told Loviisa Council that it will perform all necessary repairs.

Skanska did not elaborate on what kind of mistakes might have led to the collapse. This incident received plentiful publicity in part because it was the third time in a month that recently-installed school ceilings had collapsed in southern Finland, but Skanska said that no broader remedies.

The firm said it had not constructed similar internal ceilings elsewhere.

“There are no indications that this might cause any broader actions,” said Koskipalo, who also declined to say whether the ceiling was installed by Skanska itself or a sub-contractor.

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