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Snowstorm causing accidents in south - storm to intensify on Monday

The ongoing snowstorm and slippery roads are causing minor vehicular accidents in the south of Finland, particularly in the capital area. While no major accidents were reported early Sunday evening, the additional snow that's expected to arrive overnight will likely make road conditions even worse for drivers on Monday morning.

Autoja liikenteessä.
Image: Derrick Frilund / Yle

Roads are very slippery across the entire Uusimaa region and the continuing snow will probably make matters even more difficult for commuters on Monday morning, according to rescue officials.

The winter weather caused several fender benders and minor accidents on the roads of Uusimaa on Sunday.

While no serious injuries have so far been reported, one accident on the Lahdenväylä highway sent a few people to the hospital, according to Helsinki rescue officials.

In another incident, two cars collided into each other on Finnish national road 3 on Sunday afternoon in Vantaa. One of the cars suddenly lost control on the icy highway and crashed into the other car, the officials said.

Storm's worst coming on Monday

The snow is expected to continue and will be at its worst on Monday, according to Yle meteorologist Anne Borgström, saying that some regions could get as much as 20 centimetres of snow by the time the storm is over on Wednesday.

"It looks like temperatures will be below freezing and the overnight forecast calls for cold. That means the snow won't melt right away," Borgström said.

The storm will continue, and winds will likely strengthen during the day Monday, which may cause problems with snowdrifts on the roads.

On Tuesday the winter storm is forecast to head northwards to central Finland, and the weather in the south should calm down by Wednesday Borgström said.

The weather in southern Finland is unusually cold considering it is only the beginning of November, Borgström explained.

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