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Sofia and Elias – Finland’s favourite baby names in 2014

2014 will go down as the year that parents in Finland chose the names Sofia and Elias more often for their newborns than any others. Among the country’s Swedish-speakers, Amanda and Oliver beat other contenders for newborn names.

Pieni vauva.
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According to the Population Register Centre, Finnish-speaking families welcomed 380 little girls named Sofia and 438 boys named Elias into their homes.

Among girls the runner-up names were Aino, Aada, Ella and Emma. After Elias, many parents chose to dub their little boys Leo, Onni, Eino and Oliver.

Oliver was also a popular choice among the country’s Swedish-speakers – in fact it was the most popular boy’s name among this group – 33 boys received the first name in 2014.

Altogether 38 baby girls were given the name Amanda by their Swedish-speaking parents – the largest number for this group.

Other trendy girl’s names among Swedish-speakers all began with the letter E: Ellen, Emma, Ella and Edith. For the boys, the other favourites were Anton, Leo, Benjamin and Hugo.

The PRC examined records for 58,343 babies who were given first names in 2014 – 28,542 were girls and 29,801 were boys.

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