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Southern Finland roads extremely slippery, causing several accidents, one death

Roads in southern Finland are very hazardous on Wednesday, due to icy roads slick with drifting snow.

Liikennettä Kehä yhdellä.
File photo of Ring Road 1, from February 1, 2018. Image: Kalevi Rytkölä / Yle

Several accidents occurred across Finland's capital region on Wednesday, due to drifting snow and icy roads.

One man died in the municipality of Tuusula after his car hit a lorry on Wednesday morning, according to public safety officials.

Another individual was seriously injured following a similar collision between a truck and an automobile on road 51 in Kirkkonummi around noontime.

The mostly two-lane road was effectively shut down for two hours on Wednesday afternoon because the truck involved in the crash had come to a stop so it was blocking lanes of traffic in both directions.

In Helsinki's district of Herttoniemi two buses and a van also crashed into each other on Wednesday.

Several collisions were reported during the day on the capital area's commuter-filled highways, known as the Ring Roads 1 and 3 on Wednesday. Heavy trucks as well as cars were involved in the accidents. Officials said that several people were injured in the crashes but their severity was not clear at the time of publication.

Police in Uusimaa reiterated warnings on Wednesday about extremely slippery conditions on the roads in southern Finland.

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