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Spoiled baby formula not to be used, dairy firm warns

The 500ml packages of Tuuti 1 baby milk formula may smell off, may appear to be curdled and should not be used, the dairy firm said Monday.

Tuuti -äidinmaitokorvike
Image: Valio

Finnish dairy giant Valio is calling on consumers to return or dispose of 500ml containers of its Tuuti 1 baby formula with a best-before date of 24.3.2019.

The company said on Monday that all batches of the product will be recalled over concerns that the formula has gone bad. It advised consumers that the breast milk substitute may smell and taste bad and may appear to be curdled.

Valio has warned that the product should not be used. It has advised consumers to return the affected product to the stores where they were purchased.

It said that other Valio Tuuti batches and product sizes may be used normally.

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